#On Choices

In The Millionaire Fastlane, MJ Demarco, one of the most decorated practiced entrepreneurs tells us that ‘Your choices are made in a moment but their consequences will transcend a lifetime.’ James Clear stresses this point explicitly in Atomic Habits when he says: “Every action you take is a vote for the person you wish to become.”

Eleven (11) days into the tricky month of January, the freshness of 2023 is already retreating. But your life should not go with it. You have the power to change how you lived in 2022. 

A change in calendar will not bring miracles to bear. You must act with a sense of urgency. 

Look back to 2018, and ask yourself; “what has happened to me?” If you don’t like what has happened to you, consider taking stock of the choices you made so far. Taking stock of your life helps you own up. It is not enough, in fact, not even wise to throw blame at others. When we project our frustrations onto a 3rd party, we are running away from ourselves. 

In scientific behavioral #psychology, this is understood as possessing a fixed mindset. People in this class believe that every failed shot in life is because someone didn’t help. But they ask themselves not if they did anything to attract the same reaction (to rephrase Newton’s Mechanics Physics law). 

That sort of thinking is unhealthy. In fact, it is bad for progress. You have to adopt a growth mindset to be able to make a remarkable difference in your life. A growth mindset enables you to account for your life.  If for example you were in a drinking group last year, and alcohol has dismissed your chances of progress, change the circle. If you’re stuck in a job that underpays your skills, consider a career pivoting.

Remember, choices take a second but their consequences last a lifetime. That’s why every serious person should be able to invest in critical decision making models of some kind because poor choices today are the surest signs to the road that leads to mankind’s greatest fear – failure.

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