If we knew what we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” – Albert Einstein

Broad Research Areas

  1. Political Economy of Africa
  2. Gender Analysis
  3. Human Rights
  4. Governance and Public Policy


  • “Exploring Poverty in South Sudan through the lens of Multidimensional Poverty Approach” published by Journal of Conflict Management & Sustainable Development (2022). Available here
  • “EDUCATION OF PURPOSE: LEARNING PATHWAYS IN THE 21ST CENTURY” published on Academia (2020). Available here
  • “Aid can either lead to Growth and Development in the Developing Countries or it can be an Instrument used by Developed Countries as a Foreign Policy Tool: Specific Cases from Africa” published on Academia (2019). Available here
  • “Water Crisis on the Nile: Why Egypt Needs to Wake Up” published on Academia (2020). Available here



  • “South Sudan in Transition: Governance as an Exit Strategy?” presented at the British Institute in Eastern Africa’s international Graduate Conference, Nairobi, Kenya (Nov. 2022). Available here.


  • “Assessing the Impact of Governance on Development: Insights from Rwanda, 1994-2020” submitted and approved by the Institute of Diplomacy and international Studies, University of Nairobi (Dec. 2021).
  • “Factors Affecting Employment in the Public Universities of Kenya: A case of Technical University of Kenya” submitted and approved by the Kenya Institute of Management (Nov. 2016).


Nyayang: A Novel (2018), Upcoming

Other Published Writings