The Greater Fangak’s Peaceful Co-existence and its Bordering Community


By Bol Tut,


A boat arrives at old Fangak, 2010(Photo: file) A boat arrives at old Fangak, 2010(Photo: file)

Nov 6, 2014(Nyamilepedia) —  Greater Fangak is a home to Padang Dinka of Pigi County and three sub-ethnic groups [clans] of Nuer tribe, namely; the Thiang Nuer, GawaarNuer and Lak Nuer. With Padang Dinka in the North-east, Lak Nuer in the North-west, Thiang Nuer in the Centre-western  part and Gawaar Nuer in the Southern part of the Greater. Contextually, Greater Fangak derived from British old Districts system introduced before, the Coordination Council for Southern States [CCSS/GoSS] could divide it into the contemporary three different counties based on decentralization policy.

Hence, the Pigi, Ayod and Fangak Counties were all once under One County called “Fangak County” which now becomes different constituencies but these constituencies still have spirit of togetherness as one people. These four sub-ethnic groups named above have been living side-by-side ever since…

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