Intellectual: What it is (Most Used & Misused Term in the South Sudanese Social Circles)

1. A very educated person whose interests are studying and other activities that involve careful thinking and mental effort (Cambridge Dictionary)

2.  An extremely rational person; a person who relies on intellect rather than on emotions or feelings (

Real life examples:

I. As the daughter of college professors, she’s used to being around intellectual people.

II. He is too much of an intellectual to find popular politics interesting.

Message to my People:

– Having a high mental faculty is directly linked to one’s experiences and skills (informal and formal training). This means there is a possibility for an intellectual”idiot” defined as that who thinks their ideas are the best and are not subjected to further elaboration and or refinements.

– It is not possible to have a society of all intellectuals. Any human environment requires diversity of skills and interests. That being said, the level of thinking differs and people also learn at different rates.

• For example, intellectuals oftentimes have abstract thoughts, most of which might never be implemented during their lifetime. That means, the society can collapse if it relies upon them on virtually everything.

• Although being called or perceived as an intellectual is more attractive than otherwise, partly because it is related to intelligence, most people sadly, are not. And so the title is earned at most.

• Irrational people who debate with their emotions for instance, can never qualify being in the intellectual class despite the noise they might present.

• In normal practice, scholars and academics normally fall in this category given the nature of their work (which involves deep thinking and analysis).

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