MATAI MUON is a soon-to-be-published author, an entrepreneur, a World Bank Award-winning Blogger and a social researcher. Born in a rural South Sudan, he’s seen what dignified struggle for rural folks looked like. He was raised by a single, uneducated mum with support from a dedicated paternal uncle who opened his arms for him as he made sense of the world. Nurtured with five siblings including three gorgeous girls, he is the only one who can read and write. His upcoming book, Nyayang is a fictional celebration of the lives of his three sisters who did not have a chance to attend formal education.



Professional Achievements:

Hobbies, and Interests:

Vision Statement:

  • Muon is committed to making the world a just, fairer and prosperous place.

Internship Experience:

  • Muon currently interns at the Human Rights Watch, Africa Division with a focus on socio-economic and political justice issues covering South Sudan.